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The Big-Bang® Cannon is a Toy that is Safe & Easy to Use! Bangsite®, Water, some Fresh Air and a Spark is all you'll need for a LOUD BANG & REALISTIC FLASH OF LIGHT. Invented in the Lehigh University Physics Dept., we were founded in 1912. MADE IN USA to Last a Lifetime.    
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Looking for a great gift idea?  Make your backyard celebration a blast with a Big-Bang® Cannon...for kids 7 to 70. No recoil or kick...see Safety Features under Information drop-down.         
*YouTube: Big-Bang® Cannon Demos
Big-Bang® Cannons in action on YouTube. One Bangsite® included (100 Shots) with each Cannon. Ammo for ALL Big-Bang® Cannons...3-Pack Combo sold here = 300 total shots. Bangsite® is pulverized calcium carbide. Spark Plug is a specially made flint.       
15FC (25"L)/3BGS/3SP/SIGN/T/BG
Best Seller! Following FREE items included: 1920 Replica Tin Trade Sign, Big-Bang T-Shirt, June 1929 issue of The Bangster magazine. 400 Total Shots. Money Back Guarantee 15FC: 25"L x 7"H x7"W, 6lbs. 115dB. IMPORTANT Big-Bang® Cannons only work with Bangsite® Ammunition. 
10FC (17"L)/3BGS/3SP
FREE 3-Pack Combo with 10FC (300 Shots)! We've added our 15FC Major Field Cannon 5" Wheels to our 10FC Junior Field Cannon for a more Civil War Cannon design. Automatic Loading - 1935 Tooling. 17"L x 5"W x 5.50"H, 3.80lbs. 10FC ($159.95) + Bangsite® 3-Pack ($25.00) + Spark Plug 3-Pack ($2.00) for $150.00 ($186.95 Value)...
6F (9"L)/3BGS/3SP
FREE 3-Pack Combo with 6F (300 Shots)! 6F 9" Light Field Cannon($99.95) + Bangsite® 3-Pack($25.00) +Spark Plug 3-Pack($2.00) for $100 ($126.95 value) Breech Loading. Free Bangsite® Tube (100 shots) included 400 Free Shots! 9"L x 3.5"W x 3.5"H, 2.25lbs, 105dB Introduced in 1929.
155MM (25"L)/3BGS/3SP/SIGN/T/BG
***THREE FREE GIFTS*** #1) 155MM on 8 Rubber Wheels* Introduced in 1958. #2) Bangsite® 3-Pack (300 Shots) #3) Spark Plug 3-Pack (300 Shots) #4) FREE 1929 "The Bangster" #5) FREE Big-Bang® Cannon T-Shirt #6) NEW! FREE 1920 Replica Tin Trade Sign *One extra Bangsite® tube included (100 Shots) 400 Safe Shots!...
105MM (17"L)/3BGS/3SP
FREE 3-Pack Combo with 105MM (300 Shots)! 105MM ($159.95) + Bangsite® 3-Pack ($25.00) + Spark Plug 3-Pack ($2.00) for $150 ($186.95 value) Featured on History's Pawn Stars ("Three Hour Tour") and American Pickers ("California Streaming" and "Grin and Bear It")  Same style and finish as 155MM Mounted on four heavy...
60MM (9"L)/3BGS/3SP
FREE 3-Pack Combo with 60MM (300 Shots)! 60MM Military Cannon($99.95) + Bangsite® 3-Pack(25.00) + Spark Plug 3-Pack($2.00) for $100 ($126.95 Value). Breech Loading.  Sold at West Coast fireworks stands for many years. Free Bangsite® Tube (100 shots) included. Introduced in 1958. 400 Total Shots! 9"L x 3.5"W x 3.5"H, 2.25lbs.
16F Aluminum Siege Field Gun
Now In Stock.  23"L Aluminum Replica  (Black w/ Red wheels) of our cast iron 16F Siege Field Gun (mfr. 1917-1935). Pictured in our 1920 Tin Trade Sign! Biggest Barrel, Biggest Bang....same as our large brass cannon. Breech Loading. Free Shirt & The Bangster included.  Light Weight - 4 1/2lbs.;...
16FRB Special - $400 (Red Brass)
23"L Red Brass replica of our cast iron 1917 Model 16F Siege Field Gun, as seen in our 1920 Tin Trade Sign.  Free T-Shirt and The Bangster included. 23"L x 6 1/2"W x 6 1/2H, 13 lbs., 120dB  Makes LOUDEST BANG! Breech Loading. Fires like the original. Great for display when not in use.  
16FYB Special - $400 (Yellow Brass)
Now in stock! 23"L Yellow Brass replica of our 1917 16F Siege Field Gun.  Comes with Free T-Shirt and Free The Bangster magazine (1929 reprint).  Bangsite® included (100 Shots).  Golden Yellow finish to this model!      
Family Pack - 60MM/60MM/6BGS/6SP
Great for Family Fun!!! Get the following items for $150.00: *2ea....60MM 9" Military Green Cannons $99.95 each *2ea Bangsite® 3-Pack $50 total *2ea Spark Plug 3-Pack $ 4 total (700 Shots) Total Value (approx.) $254.00
Family Pack - 6F/6F/6BGS/6SP
Get 2ea 6F 9" Light Field Cannons and 2ea Bangsite® 3-Pack and 2ea Spark Plug 3-Pack Extra Bangsite® tube (100 shots) included with each cannon...700 Shots! $254.00 Value
Family Pack - 6F/60MM/6BGS/6SP
Family Pack Combo! Get 6F 9" Light Field Cannon & 60MM 9" Military Green Cannon plus 2ea Bangsite® 3-Packs & 2ea Spark Plug 3-Packs Free Bangsite® tube included with each cannon (700 Shots) $254.00 Value
15FC/10FC/6F Combo
Buy our Large, Medium and Small Black Field Cannons. Plus 3 Free T-Shirts. 100 shots per Bangsite®/Spark Plug (included with each Cannon).
Military Green Cannons - 3 Sizes (L,M,S) Combo Pack. Plus 3 Free T-Shirts. 100 shots per Bangsite®/Spark Plug (included with each Cannon).
7FRB Special - $200
10"L Red Brass replica of our 1917 Model 7F Field Artillery Cannon (mfr. 1917 - 1924). $250 Value - Free T-Shirt and 1929 "The Bangster". Fires like the original. Breech Loading. 10"L x 3 3/4"W x 3 3/4"H, 2 3/4 lbs.