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Spark Plug is our specially made flint that fits ALL Big-Bang® Cannons. One Spark Plug lasts as long as one Bangsite® (100 Shots approx.).      
*Bangsite®/Spark Plug 3-Pack
Ammo for ALL Big-Bang® Cannons...300 total shots. Bangsite® is pulverized calcium carbide. Spark Plug is a specially made flint. Buy for $27.00 vs $33.75 Value. Store Bangsite® in dry area for longest life. All Models come with 1ea Bangsite® included!      
Made in USA Vintage Artillery Toy
Manufactured by The Conestoga Co., Inc. the Big-Bang® Cannon is a Toy that is Safe & Easy to Use! Bangsite®, Water, some Fresh Air and a Spark is all you'll need for a LOUD BANG & REALISTIC FLASH OF LIGHT. Invented in the Lehigh University Physics Dept., company was founded in 1912. MADE IN USA...
New! Big-Bang® 6-Pack - 15FC (25"L)
#1) 15FC Major Field Cannon - Best Seller!*Continental Army Design*  #2) Bangsite® Ammo 3-Pack (300 Shots) #3) Spark Plug 3-Pack (300 Shots) #4) FREE Big-Bang® Cannon T-Shirt #5) FREE 1929 "The Bangster" Magazine #6) NEW! FREE 1920 Replica Tin Trade Sign *One extra Bangsite® tube included 400 Safe...
We've added our 15FC Major Field Cannon 5" Wheels to our 10FC Junior Field Cannon for a more Civil War Cannon design. Automatic Loading - 1935 Tooling. 17"L x 5"W x 5.50"H, 3.80lbs. 10FC ($159.95) + Bangsite® 3-Pack ($25.00) + Spark Plug 3-Pack ($2.00) for $150.00 ($186.95 Value) Free Shipping (Picture shows 10FC with regular...
6F (9"L)/3BGS/3SP
6F 9" Light Field Cannon($99.95) + Bangsite® 3-Pack($25.00) +Spark Plug 3-Pack($2.00) for $100 ($126.95 value) Breech Loading. Free Bangsite® Tube (100 shots) included 400 Total Shots! 9"L x 3.5"W x 3.5"H, 2.25lbs, 105dB Introduced in 1929.
New!Conestoga 6-Pack-155MM (25"L)
#1) 155MM on 8 Rubber Wheels* Introduced in 1958. #2) Bangsite® 3-Pack (300 Shots) #3) Spark Plug 3-Pack (300 Shots) #4) FREE 1929 "The Bangster" #5) FREE Big-Bang® Cannon T-Shirt #6) NEW! FREE 1920 Replica Tin Trade Sign *One extra Bangsite® tube included (100 Shots) FREE Shipping 400 Safe Shots!...
105MM (17"L)/3BGS/3SP
105MM ($159.95) + Bangsite® 3-Pack ($25.00) + Spark Plug 3-Pack ($2.00) for $150 ($186.95 value) Featured on History's Pawn Stars ("Three Hour Tour") and American Pickers ("California Streaming" and "Grin and Bear It")  Same style and finish as 155MM Mounted on four heavy duty rubber tractor wheels (earliest models...
60MM (9"L)/3BGS/3SP
60MM Military Cannon($99.95) + Bangsite® 3-Pack(25.00) + Spark Plug 3-Pack($2.00) for $100 ($126.95 Value). Breech Loading.  Sold at West Coast fireworks stands for many years. Free Bangsite® Tube (100 shots) included. Introduced in 1958. 400 Total Shots! 9"L x 3.5"W x 3.5"H, 2.25lbs. 105dB
CC Charger (Complete)
For our Automatic Loading Models: 10FC, 15FC, 105MM, 155MM. One push on Brass Plunger is all you need to fire. Lift lid & pour Bangsite®...Charger holds over 25 shots.  Available in Black or Green. 
IG Ignitor (Complete)
For our Automatic Loading Models: 10FC, 15FC, 105MM, 155MM. No spoon. Available in black or green. (Please note...Breech Cap is sold separately - see "Other Parts.")
5BB Breech Block (Complete)
For our Breech Loading Models: 6F, 60MM. With spoon. Available in black or green. (Please note...Breech Cap is sold separately - see "Other Parts.") *Note: This part is also used with Motor Tank and Bombing Plane.
WP Wooden Plug
For 6F, 60MM and all Antique Breech Loading Models.  Fits in (rear) Powder Box to protect Bangsite® from exposure to air.
BC Breech Cap
For 6F, 10FC, 15FC, 60MM, 105MM, 155MM.  Breech Block and Ignitor lock into this part.  Breech Cap covers Breech Block and Ignitor opening in casting. Available in black or green.  
CS Compression Spring
For all Big-Bang® Cannon Firing Mechanisms. Breech Blocks and Ignitors.
CPS Charger Spring
For Charger mechanism for the following Automatic Loading Models: 10FC, 105MM, 15FC, 155MM
Antique Breech Block - Large Spoon
Aluminum casting painted black like the original! For the following Antique (1917-1935) Models: 10W, 11F, 12F, 16F. Large (3"L) spoon attached.  See 1929 Toy World ad under Information drop down at top of page to verify cannon is an antique model. For Breech Loading Models only. 
Antique Breech Block - Small Spoon
Aluminum casting painted black like the original! For the following Antique (1917-1935) Models: 7D, 7F, 8F, 9B. Small spoon (2" L) attached. See 1929 Toy World Ad under Information drop-down at top of page to verify cannon is an antique model. Breech Loading Models only.
5TY (10"L) Yellow Brass Motor Tank
Yellow Brass Replica of our Cast Iron 5T Motor Tank we manufactured from 1941 to 1965.  Hand polished with lacquer finish. Breech Loading with Bangsite® stored under rear turret. 9 1/2"L x 4 1/8"W x 5 1/4"H, 4 5/16 lbs. List price $250
9BR (9"L) - Red Brass Navy Gun Boat
Red Brass Replica of our Cast Iron 9B-Navy Gun Boat we manufactured from 1924 to 1935.  Hand Polished with lacquer finish. Breech Loading with Bangsite® stored under rear turret. Very Loud! Entire Boat is the Barrel. 9"L x 3"W x 3 1/2"H, 4.70lbs. List Price $250 
11PY (12"L)-Ylw Brass Bombing Plane
Yellow Brass Replica of the Cast Iron 11P-Bombing Plane we manufactured from 1929 to 1935.  Hand polished with lacquer finish. Breech loading with Bangsite® stored under tail wing. 12"L x 12"W x 5.5"H, 7.15lbs. List Price $400  
16F Aluminum Siege Field Gun
Now In Stock.  23"L Aluminum Replica  (black w/ red wheels) or our cast iron 16F Siege Field Gun (mfr. 1917-1935). Pictured in our 1920 Tin Trade Sign! Biggest Barrel, Biggest Bang....same as our large brass cannon. Breech Loading. Free Shirt & The Bangster included.  
16FRB Special - $400 (Red Brass)
23"L Red Brass replica of our cast iron 1917 Model 16F Siege Field Gun, as seen in our 1920 Tin Trade Sign.  Free T-Shirt and The Bangster included. 23"L x 6 1/2"W x 6 1/2H, 13 lbs., 120dB  Makes LOUDEST BANG! Breech Loading. Fires like the original. Great for display when not in use.  
16FYB Special - $400 (Yellow Brass)
Now in stock! 23"L Yellow Brass replica of our 1917 16F Siege Field Gun.  Comes with Free T-Shirt and Free The Bangster magazine (1929 reprint).  Bangsite® included (100 Shots).  Golden Yellow finish to this model!      
Family Pack - 60MM/60MM/6BGS/6SP
Great for Family Fun!!! Get the following items for $150.00: *2ea....60MM 9" Military Green Cannons $99.95 each *2ea Bangsite® 3-Pack $50 total *2ea Spark Plug 3-Pack $ 4 total (700 Shots) Total Value (approx.) $254.00
Family Pack - 6F/6F/6BGS/6SP
Get 2ea 6F 9" Light Field Cannons and 2ea Bangsite® 3-Pack and 2ea Spark Plug 3-Pack Extra Bangsite® tube (100 shots) included with each cannon...700 Shots! $254.00 Value
Family Pack - 6F/60MM/6BGS/6SP
Family Pack Combo! Get 6F 9" Light Field Cannon & 60MM 9" Military Green Cannon plus 2ea Bangsite® 3-Packs & 2ea Spark Plug 3-Packs Free Bangsite® tube included with each cannon (700 Shots) $254.00 Value
Bangsite® 3-Pack
Ammo for ALL our Models! Water, some fresh air, Bangsite® and a spark creates a loud BANG and realistic flash of light! 300 safe shots (1 tube = 100 shots) Bangsite® is pulverized calcium carbide Net Wt. 1 3/4 oz. ($10.50 for single tube) Made in USA Trademark reg. December 1, 1917. Spark Plugs sold separately.
Spark Plug 3-Pack
Our specially made flint.  Fits ALL Models. Package 1 per coin envelope (diagram for use pictured on coin envelope). 3-Pack = 3ea Spark Plugs x 100 Shots/Spark Plug = 300 total shots.
7FRB Special - $200
10"L Red Brass replica of our 1917 Model 7F Field Artillery Cannon (mfr. 1917 - 1924). $250 Value - Free T-Shirt and 1929 "The Bangster". Fires like the original. Breech Loading. 10"L x 3 3/4"W x 3 3/4"H, 2 3/4 lbs.