*The Vintage Artillery Toy (5-Pack)
That Really Works & is Safe! For Kids ALL Ages! IMPORTANT - Big-Bang Cannon® is not a "Weapon" but a "Toy" to be enjoyed as "Safe and Sane" backyard fun with family and friends. Made in USA since 1912 Fire Marshals Approve! Featured on The History Channel's: Pawn Stars "Three Hour Tour"(5/28/12) American Pickers "California...
Bangsite® 3-Pack
SEE SPECIAL OFFERS! >>>> Ammo for ALL our Models! Water, some fresh air, Bangsite® and a spark creates a loud BANG and realistic flash of light! Lots of safe shots (1 tube = 100 shots) Bangsite® is pulverized calcium carbide Net Wt. 1 3/4 oz. ($9.50 for single tube) Made in USA Trademark reg. December 1, 1917 Spark Plugs...
10FC (17"L) Special - $100
NEW! - 100th Anniversary We've added our 15FC Major Field Cannon 5" Wheels to our 10FC Junior Field Cannon for a more Civil War Cannon design. Automatic Loading - 1935 Tooling. 17"L x 5"W x 5.50"H, 3.80lbs. $160 Value - Great Savings! Bangsite® (100 Shots) included Free Shipping (Picture shows 10FC with regular wheels - these...
Conestoga 5-Pack - 155MM (25"L)
#1) 155MM on 8 Rubber Wheels* #2) Bangsite® Ammo (100 Shots) #3) Spark Plug (100 Shots) ($189.95 + $9.50 + $0.75 = $200.20) #4) FREE 1929 "The Bangster" #5) FREE Big-Bang® Cannon T-Shirt ($30 + $20 = $50 Value) *One extra Bangsite® tube included FREE Shipping ($10 Rush Delivery Available) 200 Shots! (2 x 100/BGS)
Spark Plug 3-Pack
300 shots Fits all models Specially made flint Used for Ignition One Spark Plug lasts about as long as one tube of Bangsite®
105MM (17"L) Special- $100
Designed to look like the cannons that were used during WWII and the Korean War Same style and finish as 155MM Mounted on four heavy duty rubber tractor wheels (earliest models have PREMIER tires) Introduced in 1958 See Featured Products on Home Page for Special Offers! (17"L x 6"W x 5 1/4"H, 3 1/8 lbs.) 109dB Featured on The History...