Big-Bang® Cannon Celebration

  No Matches • No Powder • No Recoil or Kick 

Backyard Fun since 1912 !

Vintage Artillery Toy

For a Safe & Sane Celebration...


1ea. Bangsite® = 100 Shots

A Few Grains Mix with Water, Fresh Air, Spark


Parts Fit All Models

The same Parts are used for any model dating back to our company's inception. So whatever year your Big-Bang® Cannon was purchased or manufactured - we have the parts to RESTORE your original back to working condition. Uses same Bangsite® and Spark Plug as always.


Bangsite®, Water, Fresh Air & Spark,

Is All You'll Need for BIG-BANG

& Patriotic Flash of Light !

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• Free Shipping • Made in USA

6F Light Field 9"L

Breech Loading. 1929 Design.


10FC Junior Field 17"L

Now have Large Wheels for Civil War look.


15FC Major Field 25"L

Best Seller. Automatic Loading.


60MM Military Green 9"L

Introduced in 1958. Breech Loading.


105MM Military Green 17"L

On Pawn Stars and American Pickers.


16FRB Siege Field 23"L

Red Brass Replica. 1917 16F Siege Field Gun.


NEW! - Manganese Bronze 16FYB 23"L

Now in Golden Brass! 1917 16F Replica.


16MM Siege Military Green 23"L

Aluminum. Military Green. 1917 16F Replica.


16F Siege Field Gun Black 23"L

1917 16F Aluminum Replica. See 1920 Tin Trade Sign.


5TY Motor Tank 10"L

1941 5T Motor Tank. Yellow Brass Replica. Breech Loading.


5TR Motor Tank 10"L

1941 5T Motor Tank. Red Brass Replica. Breech Loading. 


11PR Bombing Plane 12"L

Red Brass 1929 11P Replica. Breech Loading. 


11PY Bombing Plane 12"L

1929 11P Bombing Plane. Yellow Brass Replica. 


Family Pack - Combo

10FC + 105MM & more!


1920 Tin Trade Sign - Replica

Free with 15FC or 155MM or 16F's or 11P's    


June 1929 The Bangster

Free with purchase of any Model 


Bangsite®/Spark Plug 3-Pack Combo

Free with purchase of any Model  


Spark Plug

1 ea. = 100 Shots        


Gildan Heavy Cotton

Free with purchase of any Model   


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