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             No Matches • No Powder • No Recoil or Kick 

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Made in U.S.A. since 1912  

Easy to Operate

Big-Bang® Cannons produce a realistic FLASH and BANG. A mixture of gas (Bangsite® and water), fresh air and a spark produce the BANG. Every time before reloading, remove the Ignitor and blow into the Ignitor-opening so as to replace the burned gas from the last shot with fresh air for the next shot. Wash the used Bangsite® (lime sediment) out of the water chamber after firing session.


Vintage Design

This unique American made product has made backyard celebrations a blast for generations of customers since its patented invention in the Lehigh University Department of Physics. In response to numerous consumer fireworks injuries, we started manufacturing Big-Bang® Cannons in 1912 as Gas Cannon Company. "BIG-BANG" and "BANGSITE" are registered trademarks.


Backyard Fun

The appeal of a Big-Bang® Cannon is simple - a scale-model toy cannon that makes a loud bang and flash, but has no recoil or kick. They've been a favorite from generation to generation. They're a safe alternative to consumer fireworks...a source of fun at all outdoor gatherings...a display piece and collector's item. Great for military games, celebrating and saluting. Parents approve.


        Vintage Artillery Toy

***Great for Celebrating, Saluting, Military Games and Display!*** 

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6F Light Field 5-Pack

9"L 6F Light Field Cannon - 1929 Design


10FC Civil War 5-Pack

17"L Now with Large Wheels!


15FC Continental 6-Pack

25"L 15FC Major Field - 1935 Design


60MM Military 5-Pack

9"L 60MM Military Green - 1958 Design 


Pawn Stars & Amer. Pickers

17"L 105MM on 4 Wheels - 1958 Design


155MM Military 5-Pack

25"L 155MM Military Green - 1958 Design


NEW! Golden Brass 6-Pack

23"L 16FYB Siege Field Gun- 1917 Design 


16MM 6-Pack

23"L 16MM Siege Field Gun - 1917 Design


Siege Field Gun 6-Pack

23"L 16F Siege Field Gun - 1917 Design 


Red Brass Siege 6-Pack

23"L 16FRB Siege Field Gun - 1917 Design


Red Brass 5-Pack

10"L 5TR Motor Tank - 1941 Design


Yellow Brass 6-Pack

12"L 11PY Bombing Plane - 1929 Design


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