The Vintage Artillery Toy That Really Works & Is Safe

                           Celebrate July 4th & All Events

How They Work

A few grains of Bangsite® mixed with Water, Fresh air and a Spark produces a BIG-BANG and Realistic FLASH OF LIGHT.


Celebrating Since 1912

Backyard July 4th Blast; Generations of Family Fun; Cocktail Party Start-Up; Great Gift for Anniversaries, Birthdays and Holidays.


For All Ages

7 to 70 and over. Parental Supervision for younger ages. Safety Features include No Recoil or Kick; No Matches Required.


Free Shipping

Made in U.S.A.       

9" L 6F Light Field

1929 Design. See Toy World Ad.


17" L 10FC Junior Field

New! Large Wheels for Civil War Design. 


25" L 15FC Major Field

Continental Army Design. Best Seller.


9" L 60MM Military

1958 Design. Breech Loading.


17" L 105MM Military

On  Pawn Stars  & American Pickers


25" L 155MM Military

Charger Receptacle Storage. 


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