No Matches, No Gunpowder, Safe & Sane

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How a Big-Bang® Works

Pour water into chamber of cannon. Load a few grains of Bangsite®, wait a few seconds for gas to form, then push Ignitor. After each BANG, remove Ignitor & blow fresh air into opening. Use same water for entire firing session. When finished, pour out water through barrel opening.


Safety Features

No gunpowder is used. No matches required. Bangsite® cannot be ignited by the hottest flame. No recoil or kick. Concussion cannot explode Bangsite®. Bangsite® is permitted to be shipped by mail without special markings. We ship internationally via USPS.



The Big-Bang® Cannon was invented in Lehigh University Physics Department. 1907 patented design. Water, some fresh air, Bangsite® and a Spark creates a loud BANG and realistic flash of light! Have a BLAST at your Backyard Celebration. Safe & easy to use. No recoil or kick. Lots of shots for few cents. Visit YouTube for great demo videos posted by our customers!  Search: " Big Bang Cannons ".

Biggest Cannon, Biggest Bang!

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Celebrate with a BANG! Since 1912

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6F 5-Pack

Introduced in 1929. Single shot breech loading. 9"L      


10FC 5-Pack

Now has large (5") wheels for Civil War design. 17"L     


15FC 6-Pack

Continental Army design. Automatic charger loading. 25"L 


60MM 5-Pack

Sold at West Coast fireworks stands for many years. 9"L   


105MM 5-Pack

On History's Pawn Stars: "Three Hour Tour". 17"L   


155MM 6-Pack

Charger loading. Counterpart to 15FC. 25"L    


1920 Replica Tin Trade Sign 16" x 8"

FREE with 6-Pack. Great for home or office.     


Big-Bang T-Shirt 100% Cotton

FREE with 5-Pack or 6-Pack. Gildan Heavy Cotton.


Bangsite®/Spark Plug 3-Pack Combo

Free with 5-Pack or 6-Pack.  300 Safe Shots. 


16FRB 6-Pack

23"L Red Brass replica of 16F Siege Field Gun.


16FYB 6-Pack

23"L Yellow (Golden) Brass replica. Biggest BANG!      


16MM 6-Pack

Counterpart to 16F. Biggest BANG! 


7FRB 5-Pack

10"L Red Brass replica of our 1917 Model 7F Field Artillery.


16F 6-Pack

23"L Aluminum Replica. Biggest BANG! 


5TY 5-Pack

Yellow Brass Replica of 1941 5T Motor Tank.


5TR 5-Pack

Red Brass Replica of 1941 5T Motor Tank. 


9BR 5-Pack

Red Brass Replica of 1924 9B Navy Gun Boat. 


11PR 6-Pack

Red Brass Replica of 1929 11P-Bombing Plane.


11PY 6-Pack

Yellow Brass Replica of 11P-Bombing Plane.  


Family Pack - 10FC/105MM

1ea 10FC/1ea 105MM/6ea BGS/6ea SP  


Family Pack - 6F

2ea 6F/6ea BGS/6ea SP


Family Pack - 15FC

2ea 15FC/6ea BGS/6ea SP


Family Pack - 155MM

2ea 155MM/6ea BGS/6ea SP


Family Pack - 6F/60MM

1ea 6F/1ea 60MM/6ea BGS/6ea SP


Family Pack - 60MM

2ea 60MM/6ea BGS/6ea SP


The Bangster - June 1929 Issue

 FREE with 5-Pack or 6-Pack


Bangsite® Ammo

100 Shots. See 3-Pack Combo for best deal.


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