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Start up a new tradition or continue an old one! 

The Conestoga Company's Big-Bang® Cannons are a great way to Celebrate July 4th and all events! A safe alternative to consumer fireworks, Big-Bang® Cannons have been in production since 1912. Made in USA to last a lifetime. 

Big-Bang® Cannons are safe and easy to use.  Water, some fresh air, Bangsite® and a spark is all you'll need to get a loud bang with a realistic flash of light.  Bangsite® is pulverized calcium carbide.  There is no recoil or kick.  The safety features make Big-Bang® Cannons a fun toy for kids 7 to 70+!    

There are Big-Bang® Cannons currently in use that have lasted over 90 years!  You won't find many products today that have lasted so long and still work.  We offer a money back guarantee.  Free USA Shipping with Rush Delivery Available. Also we ship internationally to practically every continent!       

The Bigger the Cannon, The Bigger the Bang! 

We're on History's Pawn Stars ("Three Hour Tour" - Season 5, Episode 39) and American Pickers  ("California Streaming" - Season 5, Episode 12 and "Grin and Bear It" - Season 5, Episode 28).....check  your TV listings for reruns.

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