Vintage Replicas

16F Siege Field Gun Black 6-Pack

23"L Aluminum Replica. Biggest BANG! 


16MM Siege Military Green 6-Pack

Counterpart to 16F. Biggest BANG! 


NEW! - Manganese Bronze 16FYB

For a Golden Brass finish  


16FRB Siege Field 6-Pack

23"L Red Brass replica - 1917 Model 16F.


7FRB Field Artillery 5-Pack

10"L Red Brass replica - 1917 Model 7F. 


11PY Bombing Plane 6-Pack

12"L Ylw Brass Replica-1929 Model 11P.  


11PR Bombing Plane 6-Pack

12"L Red Brass Replica - 1929 Model 11P.


5TY Motor Tank 5-Pack

10"L Ylw Brass Replica - 1941 Model 5T.


5TR Motor Tank 5-Pack

10"L Red Brass Replica - 1941 Model 5T. 


Free 1920 Tin Trade Sign w/ 6-Pack

1920 Replica Tin Trade Sign 16"x8" 


Big-Bang® Cannon Baseball Cap

Black or Ivy Green      


Free "The Bangster" w/ 5 or 6-Pack

 The Bangster, Volume 1 June 1929 Number 4  


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