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16MM 6-Pack

Military Green Aluminum replica or our 1917 cast iron Siege Field Gun (pictured in our 1920 Tin Trade Sign). Breech Loading...makes Biggest BANG! Counterpart to 16F Aluminum. Same patterns/dies in production as Large Brass Cannons. Bangsite® (100 Shots) included.
23"L x 6 1/2"W x 6 1/2"H; 4 1/2lbs.; 120dB. Free Shipping.

Along with 16MM you'll receive at no charge: Bangsite® 3-Pack, Spark Plug 3-Pack, 1920 Replica Tin Trade Sign (16" x 8"), Big-Bang T-Shirt and June 1929 The Bangster magazine. Order all with 1-click. 400 Shots!



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