Big-Bang® Cannons

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Best Sellers

Cast Iron and Sheet Metal. These 6 originals date straight back to beginning. Black with Red cast iron wheels. Military Green with heavy duty tractor tires. Breech or Automatic loading.


Vintage Replicas

Brass & Aluminum replicas or our earliest models. 16F Siege Field Gun, 11P Bombing Plane and 5T Motor Tank. They all fire like the originals. Breech loading.


Family Packs

Need 2 cannons? Get 2 of our 17"L (medium) best sellers - 10FC or 105MM (or one of each) at great price. Big-Bang® Cannon T-Shirts included with each cannon.


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105MM Military Green

17"L See Pawn Stars: "Three Hour Tour"


6F Light Field Cannon

9"L Light Field Cannon 1929 Design


15FC Major Field Cannon

25"L Major Field Cannon - 1935 Design


Siege Field Gun - New Alloy

23"L  16F Golden Brass Replica


Motor Tank - Red Brass

10"L 1941 Motor Tank in Red Brass 


60MM Military Green

9"L Introduced in 1958 


Bombing Plane - Red Brass

12"L1929 Bombing Plane in Red Brass


Siege Field Gun - Red Brass

23"L  Red Brass Siege Field Gun


10FC Family Pack

2 Cannons = Special Offer


105MM Family Pack

2 Cannons = Special Offer


16F Siege Field Gun

23"L 1917 Siege Field Gun 


10FC Junior Field Cannon

17"L Civil War Design with Large Wheels


155MM Military Green

25"L Heavy Duty Military Green Model


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