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             No Matches • No Powder • No Recoil or Kick

                   The Vintage Artillery Toy that Really Works & is Safe! 

Easy Firing

Big-Bang® Cannons produce a realistic FLASH and BANG. A mixture of gas (Bangsite® and water), fresh air and a spark produce the BANG. Every time before reloading, remove the Ignitor and blow into the Ignitor-opening so as to replace the burned gas from the last shot with fresh air for the next shot. Wash the used Bangsite® (lime sediment) out of the water chamber after firing session.


Scientific Origin

This unique American made product has made backyard celebrations a blast for generations of customers since its patented invention in the Lehigh University Department of Physics. In response to numerous consumer fireworks injuries, we started manufacturing Big-Bang® Cannons in 1912 as Gas Cannon Company. "BIG-BANG" and "BANGSITE" are registered trademarks.


Backyard Birthday Blast

The appeal of a Big-Bang® Cannon is simple - a scale-model toy cannon that makes a loud bang and flash, but has no recoil or kick. They've been a favorite from generation to generation. They're a safe alternative to consumer fireworks...a source of fun at all outdoor gatherings...a display piece and collector's item. Great for military games, celebrating and saluting. Parents approve.


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 Made in USA since 1912

6F Light Field Cannon

9"L Single-Shot Breech Loading. 1929 Design. 


10FC Junior Field Cannon

17"L   NEW!   Large Wheels for Civil War Cannon design


15FC Major Field Cannon

25"L 1776 Continental Army Design. Automatic Loading.


60MM Military Cannon

9"L Ammunition Storage is in Rear Drag Beam. Intro. 1958. 


105MM Military Cannon

17"L Featured on  Pawn Stars - "Three Hour Tour"  


155MM Military Cannon

25"L Ammunition storage is in Charger Receptacle. 


16FYB Golden Brass

23"L Magnesium Bronze 1917 Design. 


16MM Siege Field Gun

23"L  Military Green Finish.


16F Siege Field Gun

23"L Vintage Replica 


16FRB Red Brass Cannon

23"L Ammunition Storage in Powder Box. 


5TR Motor Tank

10"L 1941 Design now in Red Brass


11PY Bombing Plane

12"L 1929 Design in Yellow Brass.


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