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 Safe Substitute for Fireworks 

     Celebrate July 4th & All Events with the Vintage Artillery Toy that Really Works & is Safe!

• No Matches • No Powder • No Recoil or Kick 

Early History

The Big-Bang® Cannon is an American toy cannon first manufactured in the early 20th-century. Numerous consumer fireworks injuries convinced a physics professor at Lehigh University (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania) to patent a "Gas Gun" in 1907, and the manufacturing of Big-Bang® Cannon started in 1912, from the Gas Cannon Company > 1916 Toy Cannon Works > 1924 The Conestoga Company.


How to Use

Put a small amount of water into the cannon's chamber, add some Bangsite® and then close the chamber. Wait a few seconds for gas to form, then push down the firing pin and get a BIG-BANG! Make sure you've added the correct amount of water. Check the firing pin to make sure that it creates a spark. Blow into the Ignitor opening after every shot to clear any remaining gas for the next shot.


Safety Features

No gunpowder is used. No matches required. Bangsite® cannot be ignited by the hottest flame. Absolutely no recoil or kick. Concussion cannot explode Bangsite® (pulverized calcium carbide). Big-Bang® Cannons only work with Bangsite® Ammunition. The Conestoga Company assumes no responsibility for abuse or misuse of its products. Parental supervision required.


Made in America since 1912

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Bangsite®/Spark Plug 3-PK (300 Shots!)


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1920 Replica Tin Trade Sign


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6F 5-Pack

9"L Light Field Cannon 1929 Design


10FC 5-Pack

17"L Civil War Design with Large Wheels


15FC 6-Pack

25"L Major Field Cannon - 1935 Design


60MM 5-Pack

9"L Introduced in 1958 


105MM 5-Pack

17"L See Pawn Stars: "Three Hour Tour"


155MM 6-Pack

25"L Heavy Duty Military Green Model


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